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Whatsapp’s latest update includes video calling option

The well renowned messaging app, Whatsapp has updated its android version and it is currently made available with a new video calling feature for those who are a part of the company’s official Android beta testing program.

Now this might be a very much anticipated feature from enthusiasts after a long wait, but this was indeed a necessary requirement for this platform when compared to facilities that it’s competitors such as we chat and line messenger provides.

This feature can be accessible through the app’s call tab. When the users tap on the dialer button present alongside the app’s search button, they will be shown the option the choose from a voice call or a video call .

Unfortunately, to actually make a video call, both the users must have the beta app installed. Now this step taken by Whatsapp gives the hope that video calling  facilities will be available sooner or later for the one billion plus WhatApps’s users around the globe.