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Are the Torrent site you visit really safe ? Check this out.

Torrents is the best way to get access to a lot of stuffs like movies, games, videos, software, you name it. You may be able to download a movie free of charge even before it hits your town’s movie theater.

Or why just movies!!

You can also download the latest Games all free of cost and play the hell out of it , get entertained all day long . Sounds appealing. Right?

But we would like to remind you that this whole torrent thing is definitely illegal and if caught, your actions will have real dire consequences. Not only is this legally and ethically wrong but is also most dangerous in this age of super fast internet as  a whole army of  hackers are lurking in the dark waiting for their next virtual prey in the www domain.

So what we are going to elaborate here is not only the consequences of downloading stuff from the torrent, but at the same time, the massive information that you share about yourself, to an unknown entity. This entity can be anything. It can be a spyware, a malware or why limit it to just Trojan horses! It can be even a psychic hacker who is just waiting out there for someone like you to fall into their trap.

Hence, these are the details that are being revealed to the world from your side, when downloading torrents:

Username and Password
Most of the torrent website don’t require you to create any user profiles. But the ones with a relatively high quality material will definitely put this as a mandatory requirement before you get access to the contents of their website.

So , if you ask yourself honestly as to how many username passwords can you remember at once, we are pretty sure that your score count won’t go beyond 6 provided you have set the same passwords for at least 3 logins. Keeping this as a noticeable factor, the not so witty but highly intelligent hackers out there do know that most of the people won’t bother to create a new user name password and may end up creating a profile with the same credentials as that of their personal emails, which might be linked to their bank accounts or even share trading accounts.

Now, you can imagine your situation as to where do you stand when you are creating a profile in a torrent site. This is just like asking a car thief to safeguard your garage full of exotic wheels.


Social Media channels

At times, the torrent websites offer you some attractive perquisite, when you are following them on the social media. What does this lead you to?

Well, this surely does give an idea to everyone who is interested about the type of people that support those websites. So even if you are not involved in downloading or distributing any illegal content, engaging with them on social media channels and being active on torrent forums may invite your identity to the eyes of the people you would never ever want to interact with. A real set of evil people.


IP Address

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address used to identify a computer and communicate with other computers. Computers can use static or dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses. A static IP address is a number assigned to a computer by an Internet service provider (ISP) and intended to be its permanent (fixed) address on the Internet, thus, it will not change. If you don't know whether your IP address is static or dynamic, then it is probably dynamic.

Since there are not enough IP numbers for each computer, many ISPs and DHCP Servers limit the number of static IP addresses they assign by utilizing a pool of IP addresses instead.

The ISP will temporarily assign a dynamic IP address automatically to a requesting Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol computer from this pool of addresses and it will change each time you connect to the Internet. When you disconnect from the Internet, the temporary dynamic IP address is returned to the IP address pool so it can be assigned to someone else.

When you reconnect, you are then assigned a different dynamic IP address from those available in the pool.

And this is where the fall is. While downloading the torrents, you are sharing your IP address with both seeders and leechers. Each and every torrent client has the option to see details about the peers you are connecting with. And for one single torrent to get downloaded, it might take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on various factors such as your internet speed, the size of the file that you are downloading and the relevant seeds and leechers.

Sharing your personal IP address with complete strangers is definitely not the safest thing to do on the internet.  A highly qualified and talented hacker can hack into your system in just 8 minutes and 40 seconds using the IP address. So, even before your movie gets downloaded, there are chances that your bank account might be empty or your photos morphed on Mia Khalifa’s body.
ISP – Internet Service Providers

The one person among the countable list of people who actually know what you are doing , is Your ISP. So even if it’s none of their business in knowing as to what you are doing with their services, at some point of time, they will be forced to share the details of your data traffic with the law enforcement in case there is an enquiry set against your actions with the torrents.

Sometimes, there is no need for an enquiry to be set against you. Even a frustrated ISP provider can also report your actions when he sees that you are misusing the unlimited stream of data that they offer you.
Traffic Information

What is the most annoying thing on a torrent website?

Well, it’s definitely the multiple numbers of additional unwanted tabs that open up when you click anywhere, just anywhere on the torrent site. So , these tabs might contain colorful picture or advertisements which say that your computer is affected with a virus or you have won a lottery for a hundred million dollars. Some might even invite you to meet women who are “lonely”. Things like these are the fishing nets that are laid out by potential hackers, who just want you to click on them.

The point here? Precaution is better than cure. Why visit the places that will lead you into trouble in the first place, than repenting on the decision that you took and the finding a relative course of action to be taken for the damage that has happened?

So the next time you are thinking of downloading anything from the torrent sites, do give it a second thought.