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An Era of Digital Nostalgia : The NOKIA 3310 Comeback

With the fashion dimension of the recent times changing it’s course of direction towards more of a retro-modern society, that can be evidently visible in almost all the fields , let it be clothing , automobiles, tech or food, reviving the legendary forms of the “once upon a time hit” legendary icons has effortlessly made place for themselves in the line of charismatic innovation that is right now adding up to the pinnacle of display for the world to see choose and buy.

And in this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) , we did come across one such magnificient sight : The resurrection of a Cellular legend : the NOKIA 3310

What is this tech Fuzz all about ?

Now , almost all of us are aware of the fact that Nokia is no longer into production phones solely from their own side. Instead, it is a company that is into manufacturing of telecom equipment, Ozo virtual reality cameras, and health kit under the Withings brand

In 2016, Nokia gave it’s brand a refreshed Vibe by licensing its devices to HMD Global, thereby granting HMD the the rights to use the “Nokia” brand until 2024. HMD is headquartered in Espoo and is currently headed by CEO Arto Nummela.

So, the whole Fuzz is about the come back of the Nokia 3310 and it’s subsequent unveiling in the MWC 2017.So what exactly HMD is trying to do here is, create the so-called ‘vintage’ hype to keep the Nokia brand alive in the hearts and minds of the people.

What’s new this time ?

Well, when compared to the previous version, we get a whole list of advancements in this version of Nokia 3310 :

22 hours of talk time and up to one month of standby time
bigger screen when compared to the previous version.
A revived version of the once upon a time super hit game : Snake.
Operating system Powered by the S30+
A single camera on board, which is restricted to two megapixels.

How is it going to benefit you ?

Well, in case you are going out for a trip with a smartphone in hand that has a max battery life of 2 days , then this is the spare savior that will save your day . The long extended battery life of the all new Nokia 3310 is going to definitely make sure that you are always in touch with your loved ones, provided your network availability allows you to do so.

As per what HMD’s chief executive Arto Nummela told the BBC : ” “It’s almost like a digital detox or a holiday phone,” the above said statement goes hand in hand.

Drawbacks ?

Well, since this is a basic phone with limited options and the connectivity clocked to just 2.5G, that will be having a data speeds lesser than 3G or 4G , the essential element of using this as a smartphone is eliminated.

What’s the pricing and relative reviews of this device ?

As far as the pricing goes, there is no official declaration on this part. However, you can expect it to be priced at around the 3000 mark in India.Stay tuned to our official YouTube channel by subscribing to us at as we will be doing an exclusive review of this phone as soon as this is available in India.Subscribe-PNG-2

Now, only time will decide how the consumers are going to accept this phone as a comeback.

Referencing to an interview with the HMD CEO Arto Nummela by Mr.Gulveen Aulakh, ET Bureau, the simple answer given to the question asked to him : “Besides brand equity, what will be the differentiating factors that will define Nokia from competition?” was the most visionary and a promising one, especially taking NOKIA’s brand value into consideration :

“It will be premium quality, design that people will immediately recognize as Nokia. We will be very strongly competitive in pricing position, specifically in a market like India. There’s going to be a tough challenge ahead of us, taking share from very high competitive market but we’re extremely confident on the line up that we have developed.”