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After Samsung , It’s Reliance Jio’s LYF that’s up in the Blast list

The woes of Samsung galaxy note 7 exploding is a well known to News to almost every one in each and every part of this world.


Burning and exploding phones have become a serious issue this year across the globe, especially after a considerable number of Note 7’s automatically catching fire has come into limelight. Samsung first started recalling the faulty phones and replacing them with “safe units”, which proved to be much more dangerous than the defective versions that were re-called.

Adding to this Q now, is the LYF branded smartphone (manufactured by Reliance Retail) that has been reported of blasting by a twitter user .

As per his tweet, he and his family had a narrow escape after the reliance Jio LYF phone exploded & burst into flames.He has also shared the photos of the burnt phone on twitter which shows the charred handset with the LYF branding clearly visible.

Usually, such issues happen because of overheating and use of in-appropriate charging methods. Currently, the model of the phone is not identified but the company has immediately replied to the post and has given an assurance that a steady probe will be done into this matter.

The user was identified as Tanvir Sadiq, who works as a Political Secretary to the Working President of ammu & Kashmir National Conference – J&K’s movement for peace, dignity and empowerment.

Citing this issue, a Reliance Jio LYF spokesperson said, “We are concerned about the incident reported in social media and are taking the matter seriously. We are assessing the cause and will conduct a thorough investigation in the matter. Customer safety is paramount to us and, based on our findings, we will take appropriate action.”