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Rejoicing the Jio Extended welcome offer

The whole nation is familiar with the Reliance Jio’s welcome offer that was introduced in September. Now in continuation of this offer, JIO has extended this freebie and has come up with Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer will provide free data, voice calls, and Jio apps till March 31, 2017.

At an event on Thursday,  the company chairman declared that the Reliance Jio Happy New Offer is applicable for both new and existing users and this offer  starts from December 4, a day after the the company’s Jio Welcome Offer ends.

“Starting December 4, 2016, every new Jio user will get the data, voice, and full bouquet of the Jio apps free till 31 March 2017,” Mukesh Ambani said about the Reliance Jio extended Welcome Offer. “This is the Jio Happy New Year Offer. All our existing 52 million users will continue to enjoy the Welcome Offer till 31 December, and then automatically be signed up for the New Year Offer. No need to buy a new SIM.”

Now , with the extension of this existing offer, there are many opinions and accusations from the public that come along with this service provided by the telecom Giant. The most common of which is that : ” The people in India always want free stuff. This is a boon for such people etc etc ”

The point of availing the free services is not just a matter of a demand for free things from the people of this country. The whole concept of the freebies revolves around the theory of demand : where there is a scarcity, demand arises. So, India basically is a country where Freedom is a scarcity. This statement might seem like a contradicting one to all the people who are reading this, especially since we attained freedom back in 1947, but what has to be remembered is that there is always a price that we have to pay for the freedom we enjoy. That price is not the just the blood of the freedom fighters who had fought for the freedom of our country but it is also from the monetary point of view,where we pay the price of our freedom.

We pay the price everyday involuntarily and every month voluntarily, which again is based upon the nature of work that becomes our source of income. Yes, tax is the subject at standpoint right now. If you aren’t paying your income taxes on time, you are liable to be trialed by the courts of law. That’s the price you have to pay for your freedom. Each and every purchase you make always  has some kind of tax involved in it. That’s the price for the freedom you live up to on a daily day to day basis. This is the scenario for a common man . Just taking a small look at the extreme end, the price of freedom for an accused is the amount he pays to bail him out.

So, in such a country like ours, where freedom is not a luxury that can be easily obtained, an offer like this is always obviously a boon to the common man who can rejoice the service in the most substantial manner.