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Planning to buy a new phone ? Check this out.

There have been many times when the people have approached us to get some help in arriving at a decision to finalize the purchase of one phone from the list of the vast varieties of phones that are available out there in the market.

We do help them in the best possible manner by providing them with a suggestion that best suits their requirement. So, in-order to do that , we first have to know what exactly are their requirements and get this detail, we do ask them certain specific questions such as : what do you look out for the most in a phone ? Do you want a better camera or a phone with gaming specifications or etc

So, since this year is coming to an end with Christmas around the corner and lots of upcoming big value offers and discounts on phones, we have come up with the following guidelines to help you lovely people out there to arrive at the right decision to buy the apt phone that suits your needs. I’m sure that these will definitely do cater a helping hand to your buying skill.

  1. Find out what you actually want in a phone

    The first and foremost thing that you need to do before buying a phone is , ask yourself : why am I buying this phone ? What do I expect out of this piece of electronic ? is it a good camera or a marvelous battery life or is it a big screen to flaunt around or is it just the brand label with the basic functions in it ? What are my needs that this thing will fulfill other than making a call because a call can also be made through a simple Nokia 1100.  So, prioritize your needs and requirements in the phone and This will help narrow down your choice.

  2. Have a prefixed budget

    Ever tried to take out a regular hatchback to drift like a Ferrari around the corners ? Or ever tried to make a goldfish swim across the entire length of the Atlantic? Things like these are definitely not possible from the practicality aspect of it. And so does the same go for the budget fixation while planning to purchase a new phone. You might love a phone with a High definition camera eg: Google Pixel or the benchmark of brand value eg: Apple , but you can’t have these at a nominal price as these stand out at the higher end of the premium offering. Also, you cannot expect a low-priced device to perform like the ones that do in the premium segment. So, fixing up of the budget is an important factor while buying a new phone.

  3. Try to get a physical hold of the phone first

    So this is now something similar to, say like buying a clothing from an online website. The colors and the design might look appealing to you but there are chances that you might not like it when you see it in real. So, to avoid such instance, do try to get the hold pf the phone in real from any accessible place like any general cell phone stores or malls or at least from your friends or relatives who have already bought this ( provided they don’t have any issues with you playing around with their device) .This will actually save a lot of time and will definitely help you arrive at a splendid decision.

  4. Wait for holidays and festivities

    If you are buying a phone online, do wait for the festivities or the discount sales to come , if you do want a good discount. Shopping on a normal day will give you the product only at the marked up pricing.

  5. Buy a case and a glass screen protector

    The last and final thing to do is , protect your device with a phone case or at least a minimum glass screen protector. The phone companies might be confident or let’s say over-confident in terms of safety of the device display with the latest updated corning Gorilla glass protection and  uni-body aluminum frame. But trust me, this is all a matter of luck . The Gorilla glass can protect the device only till a certain extent . There are certain angles at which, the hit, if impacted by a fall or an external force, might cause a severe crack or rupture in the display irrespective of the solid enforcement of the interlaced hard molecular structure in which the display material is built.

So, we hope, that after following these guidelines, you will be able to arrive at a decision that will definitely not leave you disappointed. In case you have any queries or confusions regarding the decision to buy any mobile , you are always free to contact us through Email.