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one plus 5 camera Teaser tweeted online : creates new hype

The internet these days is crowding with OnePlus 5 leaks, and the company has also started releasing a series of information in a bit by bit style so as to maintain the resulting hype.

After falling prey to the superstitions in the Chinese culture,  OnePlus has confirmed that the device will be called the OnePlus 5, instead of one plus 4.  The device will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 SoC, and has an inbuilt 8 GB or RAM. There will also be four colour options for the consumers to choose from.

Recently, an official tweet from the company proves that the camera will be a much more advanced and smarter one when compared to the one in one plus 3T,  especially when low light photography is on the cards.

The tweet by OnePlus puts two images beside each other for comparison: one with a blurry end result view, while the other with above par detail and proper exposure resulting in a marvellous photograph output, which is pleasingly delightful to look at. In the description of the tweet,  OnePlus has asked its viewers to guess which image is taken by the OnePlus 5.

As per the flying rumours,  OnePlus would launch in June but it’s not exactly sure as to when in June it is going to release. But one this is for sure, that we can expect a much more matured and technologically advanced One plus device this time.