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Now enjoy movie rentals on google play for as low as $0.99


Planning to watch the latest movies on play store but still worried about the high rental prices? Well,  Google has now introduced a Google Play offer for movies that offers it’s users a movie of their choice for rent for as low as $0.99.

Count of the movie’s choices that the users can choose from:  Almost a hundred movies. The validity of this promo is until 7th July and one user can rent any one movie out of hundred.

Sounds cool?

But there is a drawback in this whole offer, which is:

It’s open to only specific Google Play users, that also, entirely based on their purchase history. Certain users might also experience an indulgence with different offer pages – For example,  in the case of one user from Delhi, the rental amount was displaying $1.50.

So, it’s time to log in to your google play store accounts and rent the movie of your choice before the 7th of July.