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Google retains a big boss position with a exponential growth of cloud business

The range shows Google’s cloud commercial enterprise is growing, but doesn’t supply us a very good sense of ways properly it’s competing.

Google scored three instances as many big deals for its cloud provider within the second zone because it did within the identical period remaining 12 months, in line with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

He described huge offers are pipeline . The statistic, which he shared throughout Google discern employer Alphabet’s profits call, carried out to all of Google’s cloud commercial enterprise. meaning the boom refers to each Google Cloud Platform and Google’s productiveness gear in G Suite.

They don’t know exactly how many big deals Google had in Q2 of 2016, and executives were scant on other numbers when it comes to Google’s growing cloud business.

But cloud is likely the fastest growing business for Google, which for years has been looking for its next big bet after search advertising.

Google doesn’t break out cloud revenue, though it’s understood cloud makes up a large portion of the company’s “other,” or non-advertising, revenue. That “other business” increased more than 40%, growing twice as fast as its main ad business.

As per officials cloud accounted for “the most sizable headcount additions” from Alphabet’s more than 1000 new hires in the last quarter. But didn’t say what proportion of new hires were for cloud.

The problem with all these details is they don’t really help us better understand how Google cloud’s growth compares to competitors Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, which come in first and second place respectively in terms of market share.