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Galaxy Note 7 smokes out the Dutch connections : Sales In a state of despondency

Citing the prevailing woes that Samsung is facing with its currently trending high on catastrophe device , the galaxy note 7 , major retailers in Netherlands like the Phone house and Tele 2 have decided not to move ahead with the selling of these devices .

Now this is not good news for Samsung as it is already sailing it’s ramshackle boat on tides of uncertainty with regards to a dark future of the note 7 devices as the replacement units also have issues. With rising number of incidents surfacing daily from different parts of the globe, most of the retailers are hesitant in moving ahead with selling of these devices in the stores

Now the Dutch carriers making no official statement yet, is definitely a disappointing matter for the South Korean Mobile technology giant . Samsung NL has also not made any comments on the same but it will be issuing an official statement later today.

Now will the Netherlands’ defensive approach of somewhat temporarily boycotting the note 7 devices affect the carriers and stores in other European countries too ?

Source ( Dutch Language)