July 17, 2017

Ulefone POWER 2 Unboxing Video Review | 6050 mah Battery Phone | Gadmode | India | Bangalore

Ulefone POWER 2 Unboxing Video Review 

Ulefone POWER 2 Unboxing Video Review | Gadmode :

A Phone with biggest battery which lasts for 4 days on one charge of 2 hours! You read it right and its not a power bank!

And its not only the battery the phone offers you, there is a lot of decent software and hardware specs worth considering in the device for INR 13,000/-

Camera as well is surprisingly good.

Ulefone isn’t typically well-known in India. but they’re a recognizable brand in China and are a fairly popular one at that. Ulefone has come up with one of their latest offerings called the Power 2, which has the name it does, due to its large battery capacity. While the battery life is certainly one of the Power 2’s most attractive features as it lasts for quite some time on a single charge, it still has other decent specifications that are worth considering. Let’s take a look at what the device has to offer and see how it stacks up.

Lets quickly look at the initial impressions of the smartphone build and design, software, hardware specifications and box accessories. The Ulefone Power 2 integrates Android 7 very nicely but unfortunately, it’s skinned with something called ‘Cooler OS.’ Cooler OS skins familiar Android icons with ugly aberrations that remind me of a teenagers Microsoft Windows icon pack from 1999. This was my least favorite part of the entire Power 2 experience, but fortunately, since this is Android, you will be able to download and set a new launcher with a much more visually pleasing icon pack. However, The strange octagonal icons remain in the settings menus, but I found them much less jarring than the standard home screen icons.

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Ulefone POWER 2

Ulefone POWER 2 Unboxing Video Review


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