June 14, 2017
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Sony Playstation PS4 Pro video review from GadMode | Gaming Console | Dual Shock 4 Features and many more….

Sony Playstation PS4 Pro video review

GadMode – Sony Playstation PS4 Pro video review :

Sony PS4 Playstation has been released in India in the year 2016 and is available from the price range of INR 28,900 for a 500GB storage unit.

PS4 is still compatible to play games released for its Pro version as well. Watch out the review along with the demo of Mortal Combat 2 game. Its fun to use the gaming console and has a very much intuitive software support along with hardware.

For newcomers to the world of PlayStation buying a PS4 Pro is an easy decision. The Playstation PS4 maintains the same library of games exactly as the existing PS4. All the Playstation PS4 games work on the Playstation PS4 Pro, and all of the game’s that are released for the PS4 Pro will continue to work on the existing Playstation PS4.  It’s a significant upgrade over the existing Playstation PS4, it’s not exactly a Playstation PS5.


  • Playstation PS$ pro is slightly bigger than standard PS4
  • Additionally it has 3.1 USB port on the rear
  • It has Upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
 While we wouldn’t say the PS4 Pro’s design completely replicates the PS4’s, there are a ton of similarities – the first and foremost of which is the decision to keep the console a flat parallelogram. When Sony first unveiled the PS4 Pro, there were jokes that the system felt like two PS4s stacked on top of one another, but the second you pull the system from the box that observation becomes less of a joke and more of the reality of the situation.

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Sony Playstation PS4 Pro
Sony Playstation PS4 Pro video review
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