May 3, 2017
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S8 or S8+? Is it worth investing 10K more than its smaller version? Whats the upgrade from S8? Watch the video and find out an answer for all your questions. All basic information covered like Build & design quality, software, box and its accessories, etc.

S8+ or Galaxy S8 Plus is the top end or flagship device of the year Samsung has come up with. The main highlight of the phone is display. Company calls it as Infinity display because of the front part of the device mostly being display itself. Samsung has eliminated the navigation buttons as well to being a software buttons this time and has moved the fingerprint sensor to the backside near the camera unit. Top still has the earpiece, camera and sensor units still present. However, well managed to provide the seamless display with curved edges which is a treat to watch multimedia in the smartphone.

A well managed Software and UI, Hardware with battery combination will provide you a good battery backup and stunning speedy performance.

Camera is another highlight again as its been in their S series. Accurate color reproduction, details and low light performance and ticks most of the requirement of a selfie and photography lovers.

The only drawback with the build is its delicateness, all looks good and premium until it falls or slips from hand! Water and Dust resistance tries to cover this up however, not break-free!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Midnight Black


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