July 19, 2017

LG V20 Camera & Music Video Review | Gadmode | India | Bangalore

LG V20 Camera & Music Video Review :

LG V20 Camera & Music Video Review – Gadmode

A Review of LG V20 – An LGs Masterpiece.

With the release of the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG V20 won’t not be the main name you consider when you stroll into the store at this moment, yet you might need to think of it as in any case. Released just around eight months ago, the V20 speaks about LG’s emphasis on the greatest screen, the best camera, and the clearest sound it could pack into a gadget at the time.

Lets review the LG V20, one of those mammoths, a 5.7-inch show with top-line internals and a modest bunch of recognizing highlights.

The video at the top is the TV commercial that was filmed completely with the V20.  The specifications calls for HD up to 4K formats at 30 fps.  I tried to record 4K video myself a few times and found it to be a bit difficult at first.  That is more because at 4K any vibration is translated into the video more than lower resolutions.  I also had a few settings wrong so when I would press stop to save the video the file would get lost.  Once I got everything dialed in I was finally able to capture 4K video.

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LG V20 Best Camera and Music Phone

LG V20 Camera & Music Video Review

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