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Bug appears and fixed quickly in Oneplus 5 a flagship phone

Exactly one week ago we started seeing reviews about a OnePlus 5 person who had attempted to contact a 911 emergency call, but become not able to due to a defect in the system. while the individual tried to call emergency services the OnePlus five truly rebooted. They attempted this two instances in a row and the compelled reboot passed off each instances they tried to call. that is a completely dangerous defect to have to your phones as occasionally you’re handiest able to attempt to call one time if you’re in chance.

OnePlus turned into made aware of the issue and right now commenced operating on a restore. days later the group reported that the issue became observed and a hotfix replace became being driven out to devices at that point. OnePlus 5 team should anticipate the replace notification to be driven to their gadgets, or they could manually take a look at to see if they were eligible. due to the fact unfortunately, this turned into an incremental update and most effective a small range of people acquired the update on the first day.

The hotfix update appears to have reached maximum, if no longer all, of those who very own the OnePlus 5 now and the organization has started to speak about the issue handy. In a brand new forum thread posted in advance today, OnePlus says the problem here was “related to a modem memory utilization problem.” The enterprise says this defect become a “random incidence” for some clients who were on a VoLTE network. And the reboot appears to have most effective befell when the OTDOA protocol turned into induced at some stage in an emergency call. OnePlus labored without delay with Qualcomm to fix the difficulty because it turned into related to the modem (which Qualcomm affords). by the way, over the last week we’ve also visible reviews from other people on Reddit approximately their telephones (from multiple OEMs) experiencing similar problems after they attempted to dial 911.