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Bengaluru based Smartphone manufacturing Startup decides to ditch phone making; focusing on OS instead

When the Mark 1 was launched by the Bengaluru-based smartphone manufacturer : Creo,  it did get ample attention. The sales numbers were also fairly well. But now , this company has decided to stop going ahead with its smartphone manufacturing and instead, has shifted the focus entirely to build and enhance its operating system, Fuel OS.

For those who are unaware of Creo , it is an Indian technology company based in Bangalore that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics and operating systems.Its hardware products include the streaming media dongle Teewe and the smartphone Mark 1 that operates on a proprietary Android-based operating system called Fuel OS that updates itself every month by building features from ideas and suggestions given by its community of users. As for this unique approach, the company is considered to be a software company before a hardware company.

Creo is also backed by the American venture capital firm : Sequoia, that is currently investing US$3 million into the company.

The CEO & Co-Founder of CREO, Mr.Sai Srinivas had a rather interesting statement for this move by the company : “The idea was to build an always evolving OS with new features every month and take this experience to as many people as possible. Right from the start, the plan was to partner with other phone makers in the market. Very soon, you’ll hear about our partnerships in this regard.”

Fuel OS, the proprietary operating system of Mark 1 is also suitable to be used by other local Indian smartphone manufacturers to live up  to higher users' standards and expectation.

The main features of Fuel OS includes :

  • Retriever is a system app that lets its user trace a lost phone, even without internet.
  • Sense is a search engine that allows users to access the content of their phone. Within Sense users search for anything in their phone, settings and do calculations without needing to open the calculator. Users can also add contacts, and even search for WhatsApp contacts and send messages directly through Sense.
  • Data Manager tracks data access by apps, (including background data usage, and stop then from consuming cellular data when you are not using them).
  • Enhance is a quick-and-light photo editor and a Selfie Flash that lights up the display while taking selfies.

The company will definitely consider the introduction of new models in its portfolio to live up to the prevailing competition as they bring in major software upgradations, but at this point of time, the future of Creo sails on its boat of Fuel OS.

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